• Anastasia McGowan

A guide to manifestation: 2021 edition

WHAT A YEAR!! To help you all ring in the new year and set your intentions for 2021 I thought it was appropriate to make a guide on manifestation, giving you a brief history on it and different ways on what you can do to bring your goals to fruition!

I am sure by now you all have heard in one form or another about the Law of Attraction from The Secret, it is a metaphysical ideal that believes a person's thoughts, either negative or positive brings about negative or positive experiences into their lives. There was a whole movement centered around this ideal, there is a book detailing just how to utilize your own thoughts to take control of your life and get exactly what you want out of it, this movement was so big even Oprah got behind it. This blog entry is to 1. Give a brief explanation on what manifestation is. And 2. Give an outline on how you can help yourself manifest your desires into your life. Manifesting does not do well with Ego, so if you are thinking you want to use this technique to "get rich" by just manifesting a million dollars into your life, it will not work. Manifesting is subtle and requires real time and patience put into it. I am going to briefly detail in a few steps what to do in order to make manifesting easier, I am not an expert on the subject this is just what I have learned in my own personal experience and I want to share with you all. Happy New Year!!! Let's make 2021 our bitch!

1. Cleaning the space: It should be noted that before you engage in any spiritual activity, i.e. meditating or manifesting you should always do so in a clean environment, I'm not saying the space needs to be absolutely spotless but tidying up before any spiritual work aids in the flow of positive energy and helps set the intention you want.

2. Having realistic expectations: This goes back to the "get rich" statement I made in the introduction. It is great to have desires but we need to make sure we are being respectful to the Universe when asking for things, and asking to win the lottery is not realistic nor very respectful, the Universe is not a genie. However asking for a raise from work, or a better paying job is both realistic and respectful.

3. Tangibility: It is always good to have something tangible to hold, so making a list or even a dream board of everything you would like to ask for or want help in accomplishing is a good idea, that way you can cross anything off the list or make any adjustments, because lets face it you are bound to change your mind about a few things.

4. Meditation: Allowing yourself to be conscious of what you want to manifest keeps it fresh in your mind and it continuously sends out that intention to the Universe bringing you one step closer to attaining your goal.

5. BE SPECIFIC! This is very important. It is always good in life to be as specific as possible when communicating, this goes for friends, family, co-workers and especially the Universe. If want you want is a new car, do not just say a "I want a new car", because if you have a 1993 Honda and you get a 2006 Honda, it is technically new, its new to you! If what you really wanted was a 2020Honda, you are going to be feeling some type of way about the Universe, but it would be your fault for not specifying!

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