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How to protect your energy

If you are someone who can easily pick up on the emotional and mental states of another individual, you might be an empath. Energy sensitive people who have a propensity to want to help everyone they meet and are affected by the emotions other people give off. Being able to feel others emotional states is by no means a bad thing, however when the empath is unable to discern his/her own emotions from another's it can be a sign that they are taking on too much and are being bombarded with too much stimulus from others and can manifest as physical ailments, such as fatigue and mood swings. I will be going over the ways to protect yourself from outside energies can that take a toll on one's body.


Staying connected to the Source, Universe, or God, whatever it is you believe in draw from it and use that energy to help cement yourself with your higher state of consciousness, this will help you stay in alignment with your energy. Imagine yourself outside surrounded by trees, nature, grass, and dirt. Focus on the roots of trees, envision that you are growing roots and they sink deep beneath the ground straight through the Earth. Having a mantra helps solidify your own emotions and lessens the intensity of others. Say aloud "What is mine is mine, what is yours is yours"

Assess your feelings

Ask yourself if what you are feeling in the current situation is actually how you feel. Ex. You are feeling angry suddenly but you are celebrating a birthday and were ecstatically happy a moment ago. If you can determine that the new found angry is indeed not yours, take a deep breath focusing on that emotion and on the exhale set the intention of releasing it with the breath.

Limit physical contact

This one might sound difficult but it is probably the most important one on here. Touch is a very integral part for Humans, touching strengthens connections between mother and child and is important in intimate relationships, so it makes sense that emotions can be transferred unwittingly and felt by empaths.


Crystals are good to keep the chakras and your spiritual body in alignment, helps you stay connect to your higher self and the natural healing energies of the Earth.

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Carnelian/Black Tourmaline/Onyx/Obsidian are great crystals to protect against the unwanted energies of others. Black stones offer a natural protective aura when the user wears them or places them on their person. They also make for great grounding stones along with Carnelian. Having a strong foundation helps when you are picking up on others energies, it allows you to feel them without taking them on as your own.

Citrine/Tigers Eye Keeping your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras in alignment will help you maintain your personal power and help you know exactly who you are. When the Sacral Chakra is unbalanced you can be disconnected from your own feelings and be m ore susceptible to picking up others.

Amethyst/Clear Quartz These two will keep you connected to your spiritual body and in tuned with your higher self helping you to See which emotions belong to you.


Protect yo energy essential oil spray and Root Chakra spray are perfect products that can help assist in keeping you grounded and protected!

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