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The Chakras

For those of us who have metaphysical beliefs, the word "Chakra" gets used a lot, for any newcomer this word may somewhat new. I want this post to serve as a guide for people who want to learn what a Chakra is, where they are located, and the role they play in our spiritual journey.

What is a Chakra?

The word "Chakra" is Sanskrit in origin and translates to the word "wheel" in English. In Vedic text, Buddhism, and Hinduism says human life exists in two parallel dimensions, the subtle body which is where energy is found, and the physical body which is our solid mass form. The subtle body houses our energy channels which are connected by the Chakras, the Chakras are also how we emit this energy. The Chakras exist on a spectrum for every positive attribute when the Chakras are properly balanced there is a negative attribute when they are imbalanced. Below I will list all the Chakras, their locations, their varying attributes, and their functions.

How many Chakras are there?

The number differs, some texts has the amount as little as four, others say as many as seven. I personally go with seven.

1. Root (Muladhara):

Location: Base of the spine/tailbone

This is the Chakra where we learn how to be and how to feel more secure within ourselves and with life. Our desire to be grounded and have our survival needs met come from this Chakra. This is where we get our strength and our need for stability and support. This Chakra is where our foundation is, where our sense of responsibility and confidence reside. The Root Chakra allows us to go after what we need and want and to help other people as well.

Positive traits: Grounded, comfortable with yourself, sense of self-worth, self-sufficient, responsible.

Negative traits: Distracted, defensive, low self-esteem, needy, insecure, puts the blame on others.

2. Sacral ( Svadhisthana):

Location: Pelvis, genital region

The Sacral Chakra is where we feel our passion and desire, this is where we can find what drives and motivates us, our emotions and pleasures, our sense of family and community. This Chakra allows you to be your true self and maintain positive relationships. If imbalanced one can crave validation, pleasing others instead of following your goals.

Positive traits: Sensitivity, harmony, respect, self-reliance, courteousness/graciousness, autonomy of self and others, initiative and enthusiasm.

Negative traits: Indifference/disinterest, confusion/disharmony, exploitation, dependence inconsiderateness/unpleasantness, possessiveness, dullness and listlessness.

3. Solar Plexus (Manipura):

Location: Solar Plexus/Naval

The Solar Plexus houses our Ego, this is where our sense of self originates. Our power is located here as well as our control. This Chakra is the center of the body and connects to our willpower, ambition, and drive. On the flip side, egocentric behaviors can develop in the form of manipulation of others, control of others, and insensitivity.

Positive traits: Confident/capable, knowledgeable, shares power, centered, genuine humility, helpful, engaged in service with others.

Negative traits: Dominating/aggressive, arrogant, power hungry, off-center, feels conceited or worthless, uncaring, out for oneself.

4. Heart (Anahata):

Location: Heart, lungs, breasts.

The Heart Chakra is responsible for the self love we feel for ourselves, the kindness we give to others, our openness, the awareness of our feelings and the gratitude we give and receive. This Chakra is the balance between mind and emotions, and brings balance to what we need for ourselves and what we give to others. We can be uncaring and detached from our needs, neglecting of ourselves and giving away too much to others while not keeping anything for ourselves when this Chakra is imbalanced.

Positive traits: Overflowing love, selfless love, attentive to spirit, gives and receives easily, nurturing to self and to others, open-hearted.

Negative traits: Anxious for love, elfish love, difficulty giving/receiving or both, neglectful of spirit, careless of needs of self/others or both, close-hearted.

5. Throat ( Vishuddha)

Location: Throat, neck, mouth, ears.

The Throat Chakra governs our communication and expression of our needs, emotions, and desires, it bridges the higher and lower Chakras together. Clarity, integrity, and truth are paramount with this Chakra, it is with these attributes we can remove any restrictions that may limit potential.

Positive traits: Speaks clearly, speaks truth or not all, communicates in depth, uses a pleasing tone, creative self- expression, listens well, hears others.

Negative traits: Expresses self poorly, deceives or mystifies, communicates at surface level, speaks in a weak or harsh tone, listens poorly, impervious to others.

6. The Third Eye (Ajna):

Location: Between the eyebrows, center of forehead.

The Third Eye houses intuition, self-awareness, mental and emotional clarity. This is the Chakra of knowing and integrates the feminine and masculine energies. When working properly, one is able to see into ones own heart and soul or into another;'s. One is able to see through to new possibilities that may have otherwise been hidden.

Positive traits: Uses intuition, feels oneness with others, hears others, alert and aware, hears messages from own body, taps into deep inner wisdom.

Negative traits: Resists intuition, rigidly rational, views others as completely different, hears others through own concerns, dreamy; not quite here, ignores messages from own body, engages in sloppy thinking, foolish action.

7. Crown (Sahasrara)

location: Cerebral Plexus, top of head

The Crown Chakra is responsible for our joy, bliss, every day mindset, how we awaken to our inner self, identification with all beings. This state of consciousness that's associated with this Chakra transcends everyday concerns and connects a divine spirit into feeling, thought, and action.

Positive traits: Feeling oneness, greater purpose in the moment, alert and awareness.

Negative traits: Thinking you're more intelligent than others, forgetting others needs in your quest for illumination.

A lot of the information I got from various websites online over the years through my research, I also used this amazing book that I purchased from Barnes & Noble called Awakening The Chakras: The Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life. It is such an informative read and it answers a lot of the questions I had as well as giving me more clarity on things I thought I knew.

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