• Anastasia McGowan

Third Eye

There has always been ideas that people have a different sight than just what we view in the physical world, when in balance we are capable of great things, being connected to a world just outside our physical world, one that has the power to connect us all if we just tap into it. In Hinduism the third eye is a concept from Kundalini Yoga. the balancing of a person's two sides, their Ida, left body side and their Pingala, right body side. Kundalini is the serpent like energy that flows through us when those two halves have been united, the energy flows up the chakras to our third eye and activates it. The idea of the third eye is also represented in ancient Egyptian culture, there is eye symbolism everywhere and it even connects to Hinduism, if you are looking.

The Udjat or Eye of Horus, is a symbol of protection, good health, and royal power. The symbol was used by the Pharaohs for protection in the afterlife to ward of any evil. The symbol was usually located right between or just above the brows, it was often engraved in their headpieces as well as in their sculptures. In some headpieces there is a serpent located where the Udjat usually is, this to me signifies a connection Kundalini, the serpent power that rises up from the first chakra and out the forehead where the third eye is located. The third eye concept comes in another symbol, this one is a little less on the nose, meaning it is not represented as an "eye" but as a dot. Surprisingly, in both Indian and Egyptian culture there is a dot that is placed on the forehead, in India it is the Bindi, in Egypt it is the Aten, both represent unity, balance, and duality. I have noticed a pattern with various ancient civilizations and their "religions" they understand there is and must be a balance with all things and the third eye, ajna, udjat whatever you want to call it, is the key to having balance with the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, others, and the universe as a whole.

Characteristics of the Third Eye

1.The third eye signifies the power we all have to see things for what they are and to perceive things beyond our world.

2.It is our spiritual center

3.Allows us to detach from physical and mental illusions

4.Associated with psychic vision and intuition

5.Gives us discernment and insight.Symbolizes enlightenment and alignment with our higher selves and the connection to the universe.

6.Perception of aura's, and of events of the past,future, or present

Let us all continue participating in practices that stimulate, nourish, and balances our third eye so we can bring ourselves closer to enlightenment and our higher selves. Namaste.

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